Adobe renames Flash, Samsung's VR, iphone7 headphones : Tech Overview and News

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 Adobe is changing the name of it's Flash professional to Animate CC, keeping in mind the interests of web developers using the tool to develop with open platforms like HTML5, tipped to be the web platform across all devices.  
Adobe isn't killing flash, just changing the name to - MacWorld

Adobe's new tools supports open web standards like CSS and Java Script also.

 Adobe's new tool supports open web standards like CSS, HTML5 and Java Script

Samsung Launches its new Web Browser for Gear VR available at Oculus store, supports voice commands, on screen keyboard, 360 degree video streaming and HTML5 for better performance. In the gaze mode a typical user won't even have to touch the screen. Samsung says it is an important step in consumerization of VR(Virtual Reality).

Samsung Launches new web browser for Gear VR

Apple iPhone7 is tipped to use new smart headphones which will Synchronize with Apps and automatically adjust volume. Also Apple is rumored to get rid of headphone jack to lightning ports, which industry experts are divided on whether or not Apple is going to get on with that idea.

iPhone7:What will the Smarphones new headphone's do? - The Week

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rohit puri said...

Apple's tryst with Virtual Reality is going to be awesome. The recent speculation about iphone 7 release date is gaining momentum. I strongly believe that September 2016 will see a high quality VR feature showcased with iphone 7. Good times!

Mark Henry said...

VR is the latest In-thing and Apple understands this pretty well. The company is keeping everything under the wrap but as the date for iphone 7 release date is coming near it seems that company wishes to introduce this feature at the earliest.

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