What is Malware? How to protect your Mobile/PC from it?

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Malware is an abbreviated term for various types of malicious piece of software like Viruses, worms, Trojans, RansomWare, SpyWare, Adware, ScareWare etc., causing your mobile/PC to malfunction.

If your computer/Mobile holds crucial data and a virus attacks it, then it could cause temporary or permanent damage to your hard disk and operating system unless you take remedial measures.

Worms are standalone malicious code and does not attach itself to other files but perform same disruptions as a Virus does.

Trojans are hidden pieces of software that were shipped along with your hardware device from the assembly line itself. or Installed on to your PC through online software purchases or through other peripherals connecting your PC.

Install a reputed Anti-Malware software from vendors such as Symantec, Google Play Store, Samsung or Apple, Avast, Kaspersky for your PC/Mobile. or Download online from Original vendor and not any other third party source.

Do not click on unwanted ads of email links or suspicious looking Pop-Ups on your computer or Mobile.

Always make a habit to click the X on the top right corner of a Pop-up instead of the 'cancel' button.

If you are using a cable internet always log out off your account. Install reputed company firewalls to protect your computer from unwanted traffic.

Scan any attachable peripheral before downloading any files from it on to your PC/Mobile phone. Do not fill in financial details in online forms from suspicious links.

Keep your confidential information like Credit/Debit cards safe. Don't store it on your computer. Don't give out your info even somebody calling on the phone from the bank, because banks never ask such info on the phone.

Don't click on to unknown websites/Ads or email links etc.,

Don't get drawn away by lottery win e-mails or 'collect a gift that you have won' asking you to pay for processing fees or inviting you to a seminar abroad and asking for fees.

Don't click on suspicious links on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc.,

Three basic steps for Android Users :
1. Do not leave 'unknown sources enabled'
2.Avoid third party apps i.e., use only apps from Google Play store.
3. Read App Permissions carefully.

For Apple Users :
 It is a Unix based operating system it is less susceptible to attacks.

  1. Apple has built in Anti-Malware X protect officially known as File Quarantine, snow leopard, Apple OS X
  2.  Do Not Install Norton Anti-Virus on a Mac machine. Not compatible and it will seriously damage your device
  3. Number of fake security products don't install them.
  4. Block Pop-ups
  5. Avoid suspected websites
  6. Avoid Peer to Peer communications.
  7. Consider using Mac OS X built in firewalls.
  8. Use an Anti Virus Program like ClamXav.
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