Facebook starts broadcasting Live video stream for Verified pages

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 In August Facebook first introduced Live Video using Facebook Mentions on iOS . A large number of audience since then has tried Live video including media personalities, Sportspersons, small business owners and so on.

Earlier this month Facebook introduced Live video  to a select audiences in US with iPhones, today Facebook has announced that it is introducing Live streaming for Verified pages .using Facebook for iOS.

Many media houses, Sports Teams and other verified pages can use this feature. To start using this feature the users need to go Your Page on iOS for Facebook, click Publish button and then select Live option, after clicking you need to enter a small description and then go Live instantly.

During the broadcast a user will be able to see number of other verified pages tuning in to your feed, live stream of comments and after the broadcast has ended, the user can leave the video in the Time line or delete it.

People who like a particular verified page are notified through news feed and notifications when that verified page goes live again and it also has the subscribe button for users to get notified when ever the liked page goes live again.



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