New Dorkbot threat: Microsoft together with law enforcement successfully disrupt Dorkbot network

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Microsoft has been roped in by FBI together with several law enforcement agencies as it had launched a program to thwart the threat from a botnet known as Dorkbot and effectively disrupted it.

 The Dorkbot reportedly uses a ring of more than 100,000 computers.And usually attacks another 100,000 computers on an average every month there by affecting millions of computers in over 190 countries.

It basically installs itself on to the computer of a user without any intimation and executes commands remotely like stealing information from the attacked computer like logins and passwords. In fact it was widely reported that sites like g-mail, Netflix and PayPal were hacked by  hackers to steal information.

Once you have this Dorkbot installed on to your computer it will probably have installed other malware too like Scareware, Adware, RansomWare and so on.

The enforcement team advises users to run anti- malware software regularly to detect the threat and do not click unto emails from unknown receivers and download your software from known developers. And keep your system updated with latest updates of anti-malware software.

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