Samsung Galaxy S7, Google releases critical security patches for Android

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Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to have a faster processor (Qualcomm snapdragon 820) and restore the SD storage slot it had earlier removed in the Samsung Galaxy S6. 

It is also expected to be priced 10% lesser than what S6 costs in the market today to give S7 the competitive edge of high performance at a low price strategy. That could increase the dwindling Samsung market share.

The reports say it is not just a classic improvement but a dramatic one, where Qualcomm has promised a highly improved performance. Phone will support VR, Streaming media and big data.

Samsung S6 started off at $600 to $685 off-contract depending on the US carrier.

 Galaxy S7 expected to have faster processor, return of storage slot. - ComputerWorld

Google patches security flaws in its Android Nexus phone's through a security press release. These flaws could be exploited remotely through MMS, Web Pages and rogue apps.

Firmware updates are being rolled out for vulnerabilities which are numbered five of critical, 12 ranked as high and two as moderate.
Google patches critical vulnerabilities in Android - Computer World



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