A new research initiative to develop Artificial Intelligence further

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Artificial intelligence according to industry experts has already taken root in our daily life activities like texting, driving etc., even though it's significance is not that huge, but can be felt.

Futuristic machines are going to be lot more intelligent than the present ones is what the industry believes.

Industry heavy weights are now collaborating to launch a new non-profit research only initiative to  chart out the strategy for future AI systems. A strategy to determine and to make sure the AI  machines are supportive of humanity when functioning independently.

To quote from the blog

AI systems today have impressive but narrow capabilities. It seems that we'll keep whittling away at their constraints, and in the extreme case they will reach human performance on virtually every intellectual task. It's hard to fathom how much human-level AI could benefit society, and it's equally hard to imagine how much it could damage society if built or used incorrectly.

 Elon Musk and Silicon Valley masterminds join forces to keep forces from killing us all - PC World



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