Yahoo's new IM client, Ford's SYNC and Facebook's live video steam launch: Overview and news

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Yahoo launches it's new IM for Mobile and Internet Telephony amid speculations of a possible sale of it's entire internet business, industry analysts say.

As yahoo tries to relaunch itself in to mainstream of chat clients, it says it will support the old messenger for a only few more months more.

 Yahoo launches new Messenger app in face of possible big changes - ComputerWorld

Salient features of Yahoo's new IM client for PC and Mobile - Yahoo

Ford has announced that it has launched it's new software upgrade of SYNC infotainment system.  Now it has Wireless access to Apple's Siri, through voice recognition which can be activated through a long press of the button on the steering wheel. Earlier the users of iPhone had to connect to the infotainment system using a USB cable.

Ford marries it SYNC system to Apple's Siri using Bluetooth - ComputerWorld

Facebook today announced live streaming of it's video service across entire network for anyone with an iOS device and an apple app, after running a few months trial by enabling celebrities and journalists first to use the service.

To use the service you have to tap on the update status button and then choose the live video icon.

Features of this service include,  lets you choose intended audience, who you want to broadcast the stream to, receives live messages during the stream, displays number of users logging in to the stream, and then you can save it for later or delete it option.



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