What is Spyware? How to protect your Mobile/PC from it?

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A Software program designed in such a way to extricate information from a device Mobile/PC or communication/electronic device including identity details, financial transactions, property certificates, bank information, credit card information, other personal communications etc.,

 Intrusion into a system through a software program is one of the ways to do it. Often spyware is loaded on to a computer in the form of a legitimate PC game or a Browser Tool bar etc etc.,. Then it logs your activity, the sites you visit, the communications you make and transfers data remotely without the user even knowing about it on a regular basis, unless it scanned and removed from the system regularly.

Often the cookies that you receive from the sites you visit they record and trace your browsing info, but when you store those cookies continuously, they will continue to know about even after several months that you have visited their site. The companies use such information to target customers when they are browsing the Internet. And ads that Pop up in your browsers reflect that reality. Those are Adware.

Always have an Anti-Virus and Spyware protection on hand. Run the spyware scan and remove any unwanted program on your computer. Buy your Spyware Protection and Anti-Virus from a reputed brand.

There is no fool proof security, some or other way a User clicks on unwanted Pop-up. Sometimes visit a website while browsing and malware catches it. It's always useful to close Pop-Ups by clicking the X sign instead of cancel.

Don't click on suspicious links on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc.,

Three basic steps for Android Users :
1. Do not leave 'unknown sources enabled'
2.Avoid third party apps i.e., use only apps from Google Play store.
3. Read App Permissions carefully.

For Apple Users :
 It is a Unix based operating system it is less susceptible to attacks.

  1. Apple has built in Anti-Malware X protect officially known as File Quarantine, snow leopard, Apple OS X
  2.  Do Not Install Norton Anti-Virus on a Mac machine. Not compatible and it will seriously damage your device
  3. Number of fake security products don't install them.
  4. Block Pop-ups
  5. Avoid suspected websites
  6. Avoid Peer to Peer communications.
  7. Consider using Mac OS X built in firewalls.
  8. Use an Anti Virus Program like ClamXav.
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