Instant Articles By Facebook To Be Available For All Android Users

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 Facebook Instant Articles earlier announced by the company, that it would be testing IA as Beta version for Android and now today it has announced it is in fact quitting the beta version to let the feature to be used by all the Android users. That means it will have a huge audience as Android has a large base which runs into millions of users.

Instant articles could be recognized with a lightning bolt icon on top right corner. There is option to monetize the articles by the publishers by selecting to publishing their own advertisements or let FB publish their selected ads.

 Following Facebook, Google and Twitter too wanted to have their own version of Instant articles and hence partenered to have their own news tool. Apple too followed it and has it's own stand alone news app which is bundled with iOS9.

Articles clicked on search results open almost instantly. Here Google uses the cached version of the original web site contetn instead of hosting the content and hence different from Facebook and Apple. And the content is being kept open source



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